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The Klinker Dinker®, American-made log grabber is the ultimate in fire tending!

It’s easy to use and the Klinker Dinker® is the only tool you’ll need to build and maintain a clean and secure fire.  The Klinker Dinker® is  hand-crafted of solid carbon steel in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. It has a simple and durable hinge handle that rotates the three fingered tong, allowing you to precisely place up to an 8 inch log on the fire, securely rearrange a burning log or pick up a hot log that has fallen off the fire stack.  No gloves, shovels, or tongs necessary – simply grab the burning log with your Klinker Dinker® log grabbing tool and place it back on the fire.

Featuring a powder coat finish, your Klinker Dinker® log grabber will last a lifetime.  Remember it's made in America, by Americans, with American made steel . Klinker Dinker® log handling tools have a very high level of detail in their manufacturing process.  The Klinker Dinker® log tools are competitvely priced, but you can feel the pride of supporting American Products shipped to you domestically by Priority Mail with a full,

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The Klinkerdinker is the ultimate Log Grabber in fire tending, better than log tongs or scissor tongs, as this American Made tool cradles the logs effortlessly. Klinkerdinker.com sometimes called klinker-dinker with a dash is also referred by a Campfire poker or even Log Tongs Margaret (Margie) named it a Log Grabber. I tell her its not a Log Gripper and she should get her hands off my Fiddlestick.  Otherwise I will get the Pyroclaw which is more dasterly of a  Log Turner for Firepits or Campfires, Fireplaces or RV Gifts.  Sometimes Cooking Helper or Log Holders and Cradle Logs like KlinkerDinker are made of Durable Steel American Made Construction  - sometimes spelled "Clinker Dinker" but its the same Firepit Bonfire  tool that is used Safely as a Fire Tong  - Log Grabber as you know its the Ultimate in Fire Tending! I have seen a lot of other names that the KlinkerDinker Log Grabber is referred by: log tong | pit tong | Fire Pit Tong | Camp Fire Tong | Fire Tong | Fire Log Tong | Fire Log | Log Grabber | Fire Log Grabber | Camp Fire Grabber | Fire Pit Grabber | Log Claw | Pit Claw | Fire Pit Claw | Fire Claw | Fire Log Claw | Log Gripper | Fire Tool | Landman |Pit Tool | Fire Pit Tool | Fire Log Tool | Camp Fire Tool | Fire Grabber | Fire Pit Claw Style | Out Door Heavy Duty Tong | Log Turner Campfire Log Grabber | Panacea Log Grabber | Newlog Grabber 60 inch | Fire Place Wood Stove Log Grabber Tool | Landman Log Grabber | Fire Fingers Camp Fire Pit Tool | Fire Buddy| Camping Bonfire Buddy Campfire Tool | Campfire Tool | Campfire Rotisserie - All American Campfire Rotisserie.  When people say these names they are trying to Say I want a KlinkerDinker Log Grabber - The Ultimate in Fire Tending!
Klinker - Dinker
Log Tool 
Pokes, Grabs and Tends Fires

Perfect Gift

The Ultimate in Fire Tending!
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Fire Tending Tool That Lasts a Lifetime - Order Today!
The Klinker Dinker® Log Grabber easily handles logs to your Fireplace, Firepit or Chiminae, keeping your hands clean and ash from getting in your eyes.
Klinker Dinker the Ultimate in Log Tending
Introducing The Klinker Dinker® Log Grabbing Tool
the revolutionary all-in-one fire tool that replaces the cluttered collection of tools used to tend to a campfire or firepit.

The Klinker Dinker® lifts logs into place with precision,
safely rearranges logs already burning and pokes logs to refresh embers.
Entertaining with a fireplace or firepit is one of the joys of life. 
You are with your family and friends, gathered beside a warm,
crackling campfire on a cold night and your fire logs fall out of
place. Don't use the awkward fire tongs, heavy unbalanced fire
pokers or a shovel to put a burning log back into place. 
a Klinker Dinker® Log Grabber is so much damn fun! -- Order Page
Best Suited for Campfires and Firepits
Best Suited for Fireplaces and Stoves
The Log Grabbing Tool - Keeps Embers Farther from Your Eyes and Your Hands Clean
Helps Keep Hands Away From The Flame
Chris Pappas Creative
Chris Pappas Creative
The Klinker Dinker®, American-made log grabber is the ultimate in Fire-Pit tending!
Log Grabber
Keeps Hands Away From The Flame
Use the
Klinker Dinker®  Ultimate Log Grabbing Tool
Fire Pits

The Klinker Dinker® Log Grabber

Funny name, serious log grabbing tool.

Grab hot logs with ease. Tend fires with confidence.

Enjoy hours of family backyard fun or even your chiminea's or raised firepits

Brand new, produced and assembled in the USA

Model KS-428, 32 inches long, under 2 lbs, will handle over 6 inch diameter round fire logs and over 8 inch wood in odd shapes and weighing up to 25 pounds.  Most 6 inch seasoned campfire logs have maximum weight of about 8 to 12 pounds  - with split logs weighing much less. 

A sturdy high performance lightweight log grabber with commanding heavyweight log gripper performance.  This tool will last for generations with built-in rugged construction.  The compact Klinker Dinker® Log Grabber really packs a wallop for being only 2 pounds. 

The Klinker Dinker® Log Grabber is perfect for Fireplaces, Chiminaeas, Enclosed Raised Firepits, Wood Burning Stoves, and it also works on open campfires!

This tool is as tough as nails, ruggedly built, iron clad, it will never wear out - we guarantee it!

With the KlinkerDinker®, you can lift and re-adjust logs without getting near the flame.  Keep your eyes farther away from flying cinders and your boots and your hands from direct handling of hot burning logs. The KlinkerDinker® can help eliminate annoying smoke-outs by giving you the ability to make precision adjustments, creating the perfect campfire. The KlinkerDinker® also makes mealtime easier by allowing you to move logs out of the fire to make way for other campfire tools such as griddles, pots and other utensil’s.

With a tubular shaft and handle of strong carbon steel and a two-fingered rotating claw also American made from long lasting steel, the KlinkerDinker® is sure to be the strongest tool in your arsenal. Built to withstand the rigors of camping, the powder-coated finish provides a durable barrier from the elements. The KlinkerDinker® 32 inch long size and compact shape makes it perfect for travel and portability.

The ultimate in fire tending, better than other log tongs, or scissor tongs – as the Klinker-Dinker grips logs effortlessly!

Guard your Klinker – It works so good the ladies with never leave it alone, buy an extra KlinkerDinker®!  Contact us for savings on combined packaging.

Have questions?  Send them to Camp Fire Frank, your Klinker expert!

Always use fire tools safely, use common sense and contact your local fire department authorities for campfire rules and regulations.

Happy and Safe Klinking!
Easily place a log in a fireplace
The Klinker Dinker® log grabber is the ultimate in stove tending!
The Klinker Dinker® log grabber is the ultimate in log handling!
The Klinker Dinker® log grabber is the ultimate in Fun!

I bought the 'klinker dinker' on the spot at the campfire party. The party host was using one to build the fire. The inventor was sitting across from me. It is fantastic, I don't even have to squeeze anything to grasp the log, the claw does it automatically. It's a gift for my boyfriend who has everything and is hard to buy for. There is another model for tending fireplace logs. By the way, klinker translated means coal tender.

Suzanne Scott

We have used our Klinker Dinker for tending our campfires. Very handy tool to move those logs around to get the best fire you can have. Highly recommended.

Sheryl Sowers Polley

What an awsome idea. Do they come with fire places too? Just kidding...nice idea. I'll have to remember you for my parents and sister. Mother's Day is coming up.

Patricia Coca Burns
A Klinker Dinker® Log Grabber is so much damn fun!
A Klinker Dinker® Log Grabber is so much damn fun!
Chris Pappas Creative
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